Monday, October 02, 2006

Angelsmoke formed in April 2005. Ex-Hellhitch members Ty Sitter and Marcel Krusher hooked up with ex- Dali Lama, Chris Dragon to form the nucleus of Angelsmoke. Bass player Joe Chickenhawk (from Coyote Duster) joined in May 2005. 7 songs in 6 weeks were written and their first gig was at Clinton's Tavern opening for stoner rock outfit - From Beyond. In July, a film crew from England came to their rehersal room, to interview and capture the band playing. It what was to be used as part of a documentary to be televised in Britian. That summer, in the month of August their self-titled album was recorded in three days at Paradise Studios. Live off the floor with very few overdubs, Michele "The Rev" Filion (Fat Tongue, Smelt) engineered the recording. All songs were recorded in one take. The following week the recording was mixed in Barrie, Ontario at Amityville Horror House Studios.

Two gigs were booked at the legendary El Mocambo in Toronto, one gig playing with Diablo Red. Joe Chickenhawk left the band in Dec 2005. After trying unsuccessfully to find a replacement, the band broke up in March 2006.

As of 2007, Tyler Sitter is living in Calgary, Alberta. Marcel and Chris still jam every once in awhile in Toronto. Joe Chickenhawk can be seen playing around the Toronto area with Coyote Duster.


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Not too many bands can say they had a BBC film crew, film a jam, at their studio...but ANGELMOKE can!!!!!


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